Make sure you know important deadline dates.

November 1st  -December 15th    Shop and apply for your 2019 plan

December 31, 2018   January 2019 premium payment due   (Select Health plan premium payment extended to 1/5/2019)

Sue Boswell Insurance provides a place to browse and compare all ACA Health Plans available through Idaho insurance carriers. You may also determine if you are eligible for premium tax credits and cost sharing reduction.  Through Your Health Idaho, you may be able to lower your monthly insurance payment if you are eligible for premium tax credits or with cost sharing reduction which lowers your “out-of-pocket” cost such as co-pays. Use the calculator below to see if you might be eligible for potential premium tax credits/cost sharing reduction or the quick reference chart for potential eligibility.

If you are not applying for a subsidized plan, go to Shop for a Plan  to see examples of plans and rates.

October 1st 

  • Anonymous shopping begins at carrier sites and Your Health Idaho
  • Carriers send renewal letters for 1/1/2019 plans to customers
  • Department of Health and Welfare re-determines individual subsidies for those who have premium tax credits and cost sharing reduction.
  • Your carrier will automatically renew your plan 1/1/2019. Many current plans may change and/or new plans will be available. You may shop and change plans until December 15th.

November 1st

  • Open enrollment begins.
  • Apply for coverage by 12/15
  • Plans selection must be made by 12/22
  • Premiums must be paid by 12/31/2018. *Plans purchased at Select Health have a 1/5/2019 premium payment deadline.

Please call Your Health Idaho certified agent/broker Sue Boswell at 208-861-0286 or email for assistance with plan recommendation, selection or any other questions! Serving as your agent is my privilege and honor!

To apply for tax credit eligibility and cost sharing and to enroll, visit Your Health Idaho  Important – select your YHI certified agent “Sue Boswell” by clicking on “Find agent…..” link.  Sue Boswell must be designated agent of record at Your Health Idaho and Ida Link to make specific recommendations about coverage and plan selection.



Don’t qualify for a tax credit? 
If you are not applying for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit, and you have determined you are renewing with your current carrier, please follow the guidelines provided with your renewal packet. If you wish to look at other plans with your carrier or have chosen a new plan with a different carrier, please visit the Shop for a Plan for insurance carrier URL links.