Open Enrollment 

For plans January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

October 15, 2022 through December 15, 2022


You may enroll in coverage after Open Enrollment if you have either a Qualifying Event which allows you a Special Enrollment Period or by selecting the Blue Cross Access Plan or a Blue Cross or Select Health short term plan.

Sue Boswell Insurance provides a place to browse and compare all ACA Health Plans available through Idaho insurance carriers. You may also determine if you are eligible for premium tax credits and cost sharing reduction.  Through Your Health Idaho, you may be able to lower your monthly insurance payment if you are eligible for premium tax credits or with cost sharing reduction which lowers your “out-of-pocket” cost such as co-pays. Refer to the chart below to determine if you might be eligible for potential premium tax credits/cost sharing reduction.

Please call Your Health Idaho certified agent/broker Sue Boswell at 208-861-0286 or email for assistance with plan recommendation, selection or any other questions! Serving as your agent is my privilege and honor!

If you think you may be eligible for a premium tax credit, visit Your Health Idaho  to apply for tax credit eligibility, cost sharing and to complete your enrollment.

Important – select your YHI certified agent “Sue Boswell” by clicking on “Find agent…..” link.  Sue Boswell must be designated agent of record at Your Health Idaho and Ida Link to assist you with your plan and coverage questions.


Tax Credits are based on the Federal Poverty Limits (FPL).  Use the chart below to determine if you might be eligible for a premium tax credit.  

Number of persons in household                                2023 FPL

1                                                                                     $13,590

2                                                                                    $18,310

3                                                                                    $23,030

4                                                                                    $27,750

more than 4 persons in household                        add $4,720 for each additional family/household member



 2022 Highlights

  • Remember, Idaho Medicaid Expansion for eligible Idahoans with an average household income up to 138% of FPL will be enrolled in Medicaid.  Eligible Idahoans with an annual household income of 139-400% of FPL can enroll through Your Health Idaho and receive APTC to lower their monthly insurance premiums. FPL for 2021 health plans is based on the 2020 FPL income levels.
  • Custom Grouping is for those who are enrolling with tax savings via Your Health Idaho. This option allows families with mixed financial eligibility to apply with multiple plans to fit individual coverage needs.
  • Molina Healthcare plans are new to the Your Health Idaho Exchange this year. Molina uses the St. Al’s providers. Learn more about Molina.


Don’t qualify for a tax credit? 

If you are not applying for the Advanced Premium Tax Credit, and you have determined you are renewing with your current carrier, please follow the guidelines provided with your renewal packet. If you wish to look at other plans with your carrier or have chosen a new plan with a different carrier, please visit the Shop for a Plan  page for insurance carrier links.

ACA Special Enrollment Period

If you find yourself needing an individual plan outside of the annual open enrollment period, you have three possible options to attain coverage.

  1. If you experience a qualifying event which entitles you to an ACA Special Enrollment Period 
  2.  Apply to enroll in a Blue Cross ACCESS PLAN or SHORT-TERM PLAN
  3. Apply to enroll in a Select Health ENHANCED SHORT-TERM PLAN

Access Plans and Enhanced Short-term Plans can be as much as 40% less than ACA Individual Plans.

A Qualifying Life Event (QLE)  may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period. A SEP allows individuals and families to enroll in a plan. Qualifying life events can make you eligible to make changes to your existing plan.

Examples of a QLE include:

  • Birth and Adoption
  • Loss of Coverage
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Moving
  • American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Other special circumstances

Find out more about qualifying for a SEP here


Blue Cross Access and Short Term Plans

The  Blue Cross of Idaho offers both the Access and Short Term plans  as an AFFORDABLE alternative to the ACA  individual plans.  You may enroll online or with a paper application. Click to start your enrollment.  

                                 ACCESS Plan Guide                              Short Term Plan Guide

  • You may enroll year-round. There is no open enrollment period for Access plans.
  • New for 2022 is the Access Clarity Plan. Under this new plan, you pay a fixed-cost copay for the most used benefits and services. In this way, you will know exactly what you will pay before an appointment or procedure.
  • Your premium will be calculated based on your medical history.
  • Access plans include the statewide Blue Cross of Idaho PPO network.
  • Access plans are renewable for up to 36 months. Access plans provide a longer-term, more affordable option for Idahoans looking for comprehensive health insurance coverage for them and their families.
  • Access plans offer exciting first-dollar benefits that provide real value.
  • Short Term Plans are limited to 6 months

Select Health Enhanced Short-Term Plans and Transition Plans

If you find yourself needing short term coverage, Select Health offers both Enhanced Short-Term Plans and Transition Plans. These plans are an affordable alternative to ACA individual plans and allow application/enrollment at any time during the year without a qualifying life event.  These plans use the Select Health network which includes St. Luke’s hospitals and providers.

ENROLL in an Enhanced Short-Term Plan here.  Download the Enhanced Short-Term Plan Guide here

ENROLL in a Select Health Transition Plan here. Download the Transition Plan Guide here.


Short Term Enhanced Plans

  • Variable premiums. Your premiums may vary depending on how healthy you are. If you have a pre-existing condition (PEC), it will be factored into your premium and there may be a waiting period for coverage for services related to a PEC.
  • Flexible terms. Enhanced Short-term Plans are renewable for up to three years, Transition plans provide 6 months of coverage.
  • Available when you need them. You may enroll any time during the year. No open enrollment or special enrollment periods.
  • Basics are covered. Waiting periods and pre existing conditions apply.